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Where it all started


I started my lash journey 5 years ago after I had my first little Love, Daisy. When maternity leave came to an end, I wasn’t ready to leave her, put her in nursery and head back out to work. It was the perfect time to try something new.


Having my lashes done was something I loved, so I decided to take the opportunity and train in classic lash extensions. I hoped to have my own little business that provided me with enough money to fund Daisy’s play dates and lunches with my friends. I have always been an artistic and creative person and I knew I was never going to fulfil my dreams working behind my desk. I had no idea of what was to come for my little lash business.


After I completed my training, I worked part time as a pharmacy dispenser to keep me going as I grew my business, built my client base and improved on my skills. After 5 months my diary had been full for weeks and I was struggling to find the time.

I made the decision to leave pharmacy life and go FULL TIME LASHES! It was a big choice, but I have always been that girl that never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and something told me to take a leap of faith and so, Lashes By Torie was born.

My little business gave me the best of both worlds I was able to be the best mum to Daisy in the day and hustle hard building my lash empire as soon as she went to bed in the evenings. I soon became well known as the lash tech you could turn up to in your PJ’s after dinner and a bath as you could bet your bottom dollar, I’d be sat lashing in my PJ’s too! 

Taking it back to 2018

I was asked many, many times by clients when I was going to train in volume. However, I was so lucky to have an overflowing diary with all my classic lash clients and I had not come across anyone whose work inspired me to train in volume. I had completed a basic classic lash course and spent all my spare time researching and improving my skills to get to where I was. I was worried being so busy with work would mean I did not have the time and energy to dedicate to learning the skillvolume lashing requires. And if I wasn’t going to offer the best lashes, I wasn’t going to offer them at all. 

Earlier on in my lash journey I had come across Ava, from Ava Scarlett Beauty. Her work, outlook and empowering vibe was different from anything else I had seen in the industry so far. And I knew, if there was anyone I wanted to train with, it was Ava!

I’m a true believer everything you put into the universe comes back to you and within a few months Ava and my favourite lash brand (who just happen to be downthe road from where I’m based) formed a relationship and before you could say lashes! Lashbase was launching their first training dates and you guessed it- with Ava!


I made a pact with myself I was going to be the first student on that course – AND I WAS, just 8 months heavily pregnant with our second Little Love!


I decided to take the jump, put my all into it, and be the best I could be!

Lash life with two little people

So almost three years into my lash career, I was blessed to have a full diary, a work/life balance that I loved and enabled me to look after my young girls and look forward to my new chapter – Volume lashes! 

Volume lashes opened a whole new area of my business for me as well as creativity

and the freedom to put my own stamp on the lash world and I absolutely loved being able to offer every aspect of lash extensions and tailor every set to each client. 






Right here, right now

Almost 5 years on I now eat, sleep, and breathe lashes whilst still doing every school run with my girls and spending all weekend with my family.


Even though the lash industry has been out of work for almost a year, I have had the opportunity to work on my business more than ever and so The Island Lash Co has been born and I cannot wait to bring you all with me for the ride.. 






Training and becoming an educator

When you come to The Island Lash Co you will receive extensive, fully qualified,and accredited training in a friendly, inspiring and supportive atmosphere.


Girl, we are going to chill in our best lounge wear and comfy co-ord’s (no salon tunics/professional wear here, thanks hun) within a cosy, safe and fun space ready to learn all things LASHES!

I want to give to you every ounce of nitty gritty information I have accumulated over my 5 years in the lash industry all included in your ILC Lash Bible. You will benefit from all my knowledge, mistakes I have made, successes I’ve enjoyed and lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

Included in your course will be every aspect of running a successful lash business.

From how to reach and engage with followers on social media, to retaining a loyal client base. And all the little touches in between to make the lash experience enjoyable, and memorable for your client which will in turn set you above the rest! 

"A girl should be two things, who and what she wants" Coco Chanel

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